Department of Biological Applications and Technologies

Laboratory of Biotechnology

 The laboratory of Biotechnology (Biotech lab) is a research unit of the Department of Biological Applications and Technologies  of the University of Ioannina

 More than 60 under-graduate, 10 M.Sc. and 10 PhD students as well 4 Postdocs have been worked or work in the laboratory of Biotechnology....


About the Biotech Lab


The Laboratory of Biotechnology (Biotech Lab) is a research unit of the Department of Biological Applications and Technologies ( of the University of Ioannina (

More than 80 under-graduate, 12 M.Sc., 15 PhD students and 4 Postdoctoral researchers have worked in the Laboratory of Biotechnology.

The research group of the Laboratory of Biotechnology is headed by Professor Haralambos (Haris) Stamatis and is additionally administered by Assistant Professor Petros Katapodis and Laboratory Teaching Staff member Dr. Angeliki Polydera. The research group has an extensive research activity and experience in the field of Enzyme and Microbial Technology, Biocatalysis and Nanobiotechnology.

Members of the group have participated in 20 European and Greek funded research projects and have more than 130 publications in International peer-review Journals and books. The Laboratory of Biotechnology maintains a fruitful collaboration with numerous Greek and European Laboratories.

The main research activities of the members of the Biotech Lab focus on the following fields:

– Development of “green” enzymatic and microbial processes for the production of high-value products (antioxidants, nutraceuticals, compounds with antiplatelet, anticancer, anti-angiogenic, anti-microbial and anti-aging activity), biodegradation of pollutants and valorization of agro-industrial by-products

– Development of bio-nanoassemblies and bio-nanodevices, utilizing enzyme immobilization technology, 3D printing and microfluidic technology, and their application in multienzymatic processes, drug delivery and biosensing.

– Green processes for the production of functionalized nanomaterials

– Production, cloning, overexpression, purification and characterization of enzymes, Improvement of enzymes properties using enzyme engineering approaches

– Production of high-value products and biofuels by microbial cultures and microalgae (Modeling/Optimization/ Scale-up).

Lab Equipment



ΕΚΠΟΝΗΣΗ ΔΙΠΛΩΜΑΤΙΚΗΣ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑΣ Οι φοιτητές που επιθυμούν να εκπονήσουν τη προπτυχιακή ή μεταπτυχιακή διπλωματική τους εργασία στο Εργαστήριο Βιοτεχνολογίας του Πανεπιστημίου ή σε συνεργαζόμενα εργαστήρια …

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Awards and Distinctions

8o Εθνικό Διαγωνισμό Οικολογικών - Καινοτόμων Προϊόντων Διατροφής

ECOTROPHELIA 2018 που διοργανώνει ο Σύνδεσμος Ελληνικών Βιομηχανιών Τροφίμων (ΣΕΒΤ) για το προϊόν ΥΟGON​

1o διαγωνισμό καινοτομίας

VitiVini LAB (2018) που πραγματοποιήθηκε από την Διεπαγγελματική Αμπέλου και Οίνου, στο πλαίσιο του Στρατηγικού Σχεδιασμού για την Αμπελουργία ( για την βιοτεχνολογική αξιοποίηση αποβλήτων οινοποιείων με στόχο την παραγωγή προϊόντων για την αντιμετώπιηση δερματικών παθήσεων​

12ο Πανελλήνιο Επιστημονικό Συνέδριο Χημικής Μηχανικής (2019)

για την εργασία με τίτλο DEVELOPMENT OF HYBRID MULTILAYERED SUPERSTRUCTURES OF GRAPHENE/ CYTOCHROME C VIA LANGMUIR-SCHAEFER METHOD AND APPLICATION IN BIO-CATALYTIC PROCESSES N. Chalmpes, M. Patila, K. Spyrou, Ch. Gioti, A. Kouloumpis, Ch. Alatzoglou, K. C. Vasilopoulos, I.V. Yentekakis, M.A. Karakassides, H. Stamatis, P. Rudolf, D. Gournis