Meet theTeam

Our team includes professors, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and MSc students who are committed to advancing the field of biotechnology.

Haralambos (Haris) Stamatis


Laboratory Director

Main research interests are in the field of Applied Biocatalysis, Biotransformations and Nanobiotechnology and especially:

Development of new “green” biocatalytic processes in conventional and non conventional media for the production of high-value products

Development of nanobiocatalysts, bionanoassemblies and bionanodevices and their application in biocatalytic processes, drug delivery and biosensing

Development of micro and nanobioreactors for biosynthetic processes

Development of green processes for the production of nanomaterials

Production, cloning, overexpression, purification and characterization of enzymes

Improvement of enzymes properties using enzyme engineering approaches

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Petros Katapodis

Assistant Professor

Laboratory Member

Angeliki Polydera


Laboratory Member

Michaela Patila


Postdoctoral Researcher

Alexandra Chatzikonstantinou


Postdoctoral Researcher

Anastasia Skonta

PhD Candidate

Myrto Bellou

PhD Candidate

Stamatia Spyrou

PhD Candidate

Renia Fotiadou

PhD Candidate

Theodora Bobotsiari

MSc Student

Christos Gakis

MSc Student

Katerina Karaiskou

MSc Student

Andreas Vasios

MSc Students


 Former MSc Students

Athanasia Dimitrakouli 2021-2022
Sylvia Priska 2021-2022
Anastasia Skonta 2021-2022
Maria Spilia 2021-2022
Georgia Tsapara 2021-2022
Christina Alatzoglou 2020-2021
Angelos Papanikolaou 2020-2021
Stamatia Spyrou 2020-2021
Konstantina Nakou 2018-2019
Dimitra Karageorgou 2017-2018
George Orfanakis 2017-2018
Konstantina Tzimopoulou 2017-2018
Nikolina Vourvou 2016-2017
Alexandra Chatzikonstantinou 2013-2014
Athena Papadopoulou 2011-2012

Former PostDocs

Dr. Elena Gkantzou 2021-2022
Dr. Alexandra Chatzikonstantinou 2020-2021
Dr. Athena Papadopoulou 2017-2019
Dr. Maria Katsoura 2013-2015
Dr. Ali Taha 2006-2008
Dr. Angeliki Polydera 2004-2006

Former PhD Students

Dr. Dimitra Karageorgou 2018-2023
Dr. Evgenios Stylos 2017-2022
Dr. Elena Gkantzou 2017-2021
Dr. Alexandra Chatzikonstantinou 2015-2019

Dr. Evgenia Mitsou 2015-2019
Dr. Athena Papadopoulou 2013-2017
Dr. Michaela Patila 2011-2016
Dr. Ioannis Pavlidis 2007-2011
Dr. Maria Katsoura 2006-2010
Dr. Katerina Tzialla 2006-2009